Display Notifications configuration

This is an overview of how Notifications are configured on this wiki.

Notifications by category

  • System (system): mentor-changed, throttled-filter, oathauth-disable, oathauth-enable
  • System (system-noemail): welcome
  • System (system-emailonly):
  • User rights change (user-rights): user-rights
  • Other (other):
  • Edit to my user talk page (edit-user-talk): edit-user-talk
  • Edit to my user page (edit-user-page): edit-user-page
  • Edit revert (reverted): reverted
  • Page link (article-linked): page-linked
  • Mention (mention): mention, mention-summary
  • Email from other user (emailuser): emailuser
  • Edit milestone (thank-you-edit): thank-you-edit
  • Mentorship (ge-mentorship): mentee-claimed, new-praiseworthy-mentees
  • Growth features (ge-newcomer): keep-going, get-started
  • Talk page subscription (dt-subscription): dt-subscribed-new-comment, dt-added-topic
  • Talk page archiving (dt-subscription-archiving): dt-removed-topic
  • Thanks (edit-thank): edit-thank

Sorting of types

Which section each notification type is sorted into

Allowed notification methods

Which notification methods are supported for each category

Required notification methods

Which notification methods are mandatory for each category

Enabled by default

Default options
Options for users fulfilling conditions: [ [ "registered-after", "20240208200000" ] ]